School Board

The Board of a public school works with the school to achieve the best outcomes for students. Their functions are covered by legislation and comprise of both approval and advisory roles. School Boards make an important contribution towards supporting public education.

Being a member of the Board is an important and rewarding role that contributes greatly to the success of the school. Members include the principal, parents, staff and others from the wider school community who can lend their skills and expertise to the school.

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Meetings are held twice per term on Mondays at 6pm.

  • 19 February
  • 18 March AGM (Open Meeting)
  • 6 May
  • 4 June
  • 5 August
  • 2 September
  • 28 October
  • 25 November
Hannah von Ahlefeld
School Board Chair

Expertise: 20+ years as an Education Policy Analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris

Area of speciality: Education, Governance, Networking, Project management

Interests: Learning, travel, music, languages, sustainability

Why I wanted to join the School Board: “It was really the opportunity of a lifetime to return to Australia after so many years and take on this role to advocate for this fabulous school community. I love working with my team of Boardies, a remarkable school leader, amazing staff and committed parents to create some extraordinary educational opportunities – and a happy, healthy and stimulating learning environment – for all our students.”

Peter Lillywhite

Expertise: Principal of Duncraig Senior High School since 2019; former Associate Principal, Quality Teaching and Workforce at Rossmoyne Senior High School

Areas of Speciality: 20 years’ experience in public education across Western Australia, Master of School Leadership from UWA

Interests: Basketball, Camping, All sports

Why I joined the School Board: “It is a privilege to be the Principal of this wonderful school and an honour to work with such a committed School Board. Our Board brings together parents, staff, community and students to establish our strategic direction and support our ongoing commitment to opportunity and excellence.”

Kellie Ketteringham
Staff Member

Expertise: Student Services Manager at Duncraig SHS since 2023, Student Services Manager and Deputy Principal background at previous schools

Areas of speciality: Classroom management (CMS) and instructional strategies, positive behaviour in schools (PBS), Mathematics and Science teaching background

Interests: Cricket – scorchers member, AFL – WCE member, camping, the beach (first degree was Marine Science!), reading a book when I finally get time and travelling in my holiday breaks whether it’s somewhere local or elsewhere across Australia and beyond.

Why I joined the school board: It is an opportunity to bring my knowledge and understanding of schools, particularly Student Services, to the table, and to gain a greater understanding of what is happening around the school as a whole.


Barb Kamarudin 
Staff Member

One of my children went through DSHS in the Gifted & Talented program

Expertise: Science teacher, 2IC in Science

Area of speciality: Human Biology, STEAM integration into Science classes, mentor to university student teachers and graduate teachers

Interests: Any kind of outdoor walking, reading, travel and gaining more success in my gardening ‘skills’

Why I wanted to join the School Board: “As a staff member, building positive relationships with students is very important. By joining the School Board, I’d like to be part of a team which works together to build relationships between the school and the wider community.”

Aaron Gibson
Staff Member

Expertise: Head of Arts Learning Area – Duncraig SHS

Areas of speciality: Arts Education, Teaching & Learning

Interests: Varied interests across the Arts, particularly Perth’s original Music scene.

Why I joined the school board: As a long-standing Duncraig SHS staff member, I wanted to gain a better understanding of how the board operates and of its role in connecting our school with the community.

David Ford
Staff Member

Expertise: Education Assistant, father of former students at the school.

Areas of Speciality: A long association with the school, previous owner of a financial services business and a strong belief in education for all.

Interests: Sports of various kinds, travel, and my local community.

Why I joined the School Board: A desire to blend my commercial experience, previous school board experience with my current schoolwork for the continued growth of the school and its people.

Martin Flaig
Parent Member 

Expertise: Manager – Strategy, Architecture and Engagement at Water Corporation

Area of speciality: Leadership, management, business and information technology

Interests: Road cycling, open water swimming, active patrol member at Sorrento Surf Life-Saving Club

Why I wanted to join the School Board: “As a parent of one current student and another to attend in a couple of years’ time, I would like to offer my support to the school community by bringing in my experience, expertise and perspectives to help guide our school to continued success for the benefit of the children, staff and the wider community.”

Rebecca Newton 
Parent Member 

Expertise: Accredited Practising Dietitian, Registered Nurse / Sessional Academic

Area of speciality: Health (Physical and Mental) and Wellness, Nutrition, Health Promotion, Education, Stakeholder Communications and Marketing, Coaching (career and health)

Interests: Cooking, food, traveling, beach, self-development (life-long learner) and family time

Why I wanted to join the School Board: “Originally it was to gain Board experience, but 5 years on I enjoy being part of the school community and helping to shape the future direction of the school’s strategic plan which impacts the school’s reputation, as well as staff and student’s wellbeing and professional or educational goals and outcomes.”

Vinh Nguyen
Parent Member

Expertise: 20+ years working as an Environmental professional in Marine Biology and major Infrastructure construction.

Areas of Specialty: Environmental approvals, reducing environmental impacts, sustainable construction, industry networking.

Interests: Most sports but love basketball & the F1, animals, coffee and my family.

Why I want to be on the School Board: I have a son in year 10 and like all parents at DSHS, I want the students to reach their full potential. Being on the School Board gives me an opportunity to actively be involved and contribute to the student’s development.  As I will be part of the school for the next 3 years, I want to not only contribute now but also leave a legacy for future prospective students.

Jake Wilkins
Parent Member

Expertise: 20+ years in senior leadership roles within Sport and Event Management

Area of speciality:  Sport management, major events, strategic and operational planning, high performance, and people and team leadership.

Interests:  Hockey, all sport, Olympic and Commonwealth Games, gardening, and family.

Why I want to join the School Board: In 2024 we have moved back to Perth from New Zealand to be closer to our family.  I have children in year 7 and 9 at DSHS and two younger girls at Sorrento Primary. I am excited by the opportunity to bring my experience and capabilities to the DSHS board and contribute to the further creation of a caring, engaging and supportive learning community.

Brendan Everett
Parent Member

Expertise: Registered Psychologist; expertise in the areas of Staff health and wellbeing, Student engagement, behaviour and mental health, Family engagement, risk identification and response planning and interagency partnerships and brokering support for identified needs.

Area of speciality:  Engaging with parents to help them understand, connect and respond to their teens in a manner that promotes cooperation and calm at home.

Interests: I am crazy about my wife and children, hanging out with my two teenage children (when they let me), spending time at the beach, health and fitness and running small group fitness classes.

Why I wanted to join the School Board: ” I want to use my skills to ensure both my children and all DSHS students have a learning experience with teachers who can recognise their strengths, respectfully challenge them to grow and provide a stimulating, meaningful and engaging class environment.”

Vilko Poznovia 
Community Member

Expertise: ICT Management, CTO, Software Developer, Principal Consultant, Member of Australian Computer Society, Member of MENSA, certified CBCI professional

Area of speciality: Information Communication Technology, Not for Profit sector, Health, Software Development, ICT Auditing, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Interests: Computers, solving problems, basketball, bike riding

Why I wanted to join the School Board: “I wanted to help the local community and my daughter’s school. I wanted to contribute and offer my expertise for the betterment of DSHS. I am looking forward to contributing and promoting the welfare of students through the cooperation of staff, students, parents and members of the wider community.”

Jason O'Meara
Community Member

Expertise: Lawyer

Area of speciality: Civil Litigation

Interests: I like to travel as much as possible and love finding new restaurants.

Why I wanted to join the School Board: “Having seen first-hand the networks and support offered to the alumni of many private schools, I hope to assist Duncraig SHS in expanding its current outreach to alumni to help them excel in their careers.”

Michael Quirk
Co-opted Member

Expertise: Community Development at the City of Stirling, Basketball WA Board Director

Area of Speciality: Community wellbeing, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement.

Interests: Away from work, I am actively involved in the local community by coaching at the Padbury Pumas Basketball Club and volunteering at Sorrento Duncraig Junior Football Club.

Why I wanted to join the School Board: ” I am excited about the opportunity to contribute towards the success of the Board.  In particular, ensuring the entire school community contributes to a high-quality learning environment which recognises the diverse needs and aspirations of students. “

Bianca Galipo
Co-opted Member

Expertise: Development Executive, Edith Cowan University (working with WAAPA ECU City Campus and Creative Humanities at ECU)

Area of Speciality: Arts and Culture, Partnerships (higher education, local government and industry), Community Engagement, Cultural Development, Philanthropy, Stakeholder Management.

Interests: Arts and culture, stage direction, travelling.

Why I wanted to join the School Board: ” As the parent of a current student at Duncraig, I have joined the school board to have a better understanding of the school community and advocate for changes that will enrich students’ learning and wellbeing. Having worked the best part of my career in Arts and Culture, I’d also like to use my professional skills and experience to shape the direction of the school and create opportunities that will lead to the growth and development of all students and teachers. If elected to serve as a board member, I am confident I can make a significant contribution to DSHS particularly in the areas of advocacy and community engagement. “