2022 Head Girl with 2023 Head Girl

Student Leadership

We have multiple opportunities across all year groups for students to participate in student leadership.

Form Captains

Each Form in Year 7-10 is represented by a nominated student.  Students work with Year Coordinators and assist with events such as RACER assemblies, raising funds for charity and the school’s flag raising/lowering process.

Junior Leadership Team – JLT (Years 8-10)

Four students represent each cohort, with 16 total in the group.  Student applications are assessed annually by the Student Services staff with the successful nominees working with the Student Services Managers and representing the student body in a weekly meeting, providing the opportunity to bring the student voice, student advocacy and assist with events such as assemblies.

Student Council (Years 11-12)

Each year 24 students are elected by their peers with allocations split evenly between Years 11 and 12. Our Year 11 Student Councillors work with the Junior Leadership Team (JLT) and support milestone Year 12 events by assisting with set up, pack down, ushering and gowning for instance at Year 12 assemblies, graduation and presentation events.

The Year 12 leaders work within portfolios identified and developed by student leaders and bring items of business to School Executive and the School Board for discussion and consideration.  Our students’ have developed and work to a Job Description Form for each portfolio to guide them in their work.

  • Head Boy/Girl
  • Student Voice
  • Sustainability
  • School Culture

2023 WA Student Council

We are proud to announce that our Head Girl for 2023, Hannah Wallace, is one of 38 representatives on the inaugural WA Student Council where public students will have a platform to influence education policy.