Student Leadership

We have multiple opportunities across all year groups for students to participate in student leadership.

Four students represent each cohort, with 16 total in the group.  Student applications are assessed annually by the Student Services staff with the successful nominees working with the Student Services Managers and representing the student body in a weekly meeting, providing the opportunity to bring the student voice, student advocacy and assist with events such as assemblies. The JLT, along with members of the Student Council, work within the Portfolios to provide a meaningful and engaging experience at school and learn leadership skills from their older counterparts.

  • Year 7 – Four Students (these students will carry over to the following year)
  • Year 8 – Four Students
  • Year 9 – Four Students
  • Year 10 – Four Students

Students nominate for the role of Student Councillor the year prior to the role. Candidates are then vetted and are required to write a manifesto before going to election. The Electoral Education Centre then run the formal election process for both Year 11 and Year 12 cohorts.

Our Head Boy/Girl process requires Year 12 Candidates to submit a written application before going to an interview with a panel including the Principal, Associate Principal, Student Services Manager and Year Coordinator. The Student Council consists of;

  • Year 11 – Twelve students
  • Year 12 – Twelve students (two students from this group will be our Head Boy/Head Girl)

The Student Council, along with members of the JLT work within six Portfolios to provide a meaningful and engaging experience at school. Portfolios include:

Student Voice To provide a medium for students to have a voice on things which impact them at the school. This is done through a process involving students, staff, the Executive team and the School Board.
School Culture
(Events & Activities)
This aims to build a culture of engaging teams, groups and events within the school and taking pride in being a part of these activities.
Promotion/ Media To provide a dedicated team of students to help identify and celebrate positive things within the school. This creates a link between the students and the school in identifying achievements and promoting upcoming events.
Canteen To support and provide a connection between the students and our Canteen staff. The aim is to help provide a healthy and high-quality service to our school.
Sustainability To provide opportunities to participate in and promote positive sustainability actions both in the school and the wider community. This portfolio helps provide education staff and students and allows for them to engage in sustainable practices.
Diversity To recognise and support students from all backgrounds and groups and provide an inclusive environment for all students to learn.

All of the above portfolios are student driven and focus on the students having a positive influence on the school and the wider community.

Students apply via a written application. Their role is to promote and run activities to support the House System and whole school events/activities.

  • Year 12 – One or two students per House group.

Students apply via a written application. Their role is to promote and lead their house in sporting activities including athletics and swimming carnivals.

  • Year 12 – Two students per House group.

Year 9 students may apply via a written application and are then selected by a panel to carry out the Peer Support Program for the following year. The selected Peer Support Leaders (PSL) provide support and a connection to the school as well as developing their own leadership skills. The PSL role includes guiding the Year 7 students to help facilitate a smooth transition into High School.

The WA Student Council provides students with a voice to help shape the future of public education in Western Australia. The WA Student Council has been established to provide public students with a platform to influence education policy. The inaugural council commenced in September 2022, and each year it is made up of Year 10 and 11 public school students represented from across Western Australia.

Class of 2023 graduate and Head Girl, Hannah Wallace, was one of 38 representatives on the inaugural WA Student Council.