Students with their arms around each other, smiling

Student Information

So, you are thinking about attending Duncraig Senior High School (Duncraig SHS) and have a million questions.

Well, you are in luck! Here we have anticipated all your questions and developed a one stop shop for you to find out all you need about our school.

If you are already a student of Duncraig SHS – you need to go to SEQTA! You should already know all this! Or hang around and test yourself.

We have an Information Guide for parents and carers, but we think you are looking for the same information so have a read.

We are a big site and will get bigger. We were originally built in 1979 and in 2015 added on with a new learning block and administration building. More buildings are due for 2024 including new English and Science blocks and refurbishment of existing spaces. We have a map you can look at.

We offer a large variety of subjects for both ATAR and VET pathway students. In fact, there is an even distribution between ATAR and VET students in Year 12 and they all do really well. A list of our subjects can be found under Learning Areas and VET information in Selective Programs, or check out our 2021 Annual Report where we write about our student’s achievements and results over the course of the previous year.

Subjects in Year 7 and Year 8 are decided by the school so students have the chance to do as many of the subjects they can. In Year 9 and 10, students can choose electives and in Year 11 and 12 they either study ATAR or VET courses including general subjects and certificate courses.

Yes we have a uniform and yes you have to wear it. But seriously, it isn’t that bad, in fact the students helped the school decide on the uniform.

Bell goes at 8:35am and the day finishes at 3:00 pm, except Wednesday, where it is early closing and we finish at 2:40pm. We have 20 minutes of Form every day except Wednesday, and 30 minutes break for each Recess and Lunch.

Our P&C runs the Canteen and you will need your Smartrider to pay for items. Orders can be placed online too.

We have lots of garden areas and seats around the school to sit during recess and lunch as well as ping pong tables, 4-square, basketball courts and activities on the oval.

You can ride your bike to school but not your e-scooter/bike. And you must lock up your bike!! Bring a lock and chain and don’t forget to lock it each day. We have 2 bike areas.

There are buses that come to the school as well as the general public bus that runs on Lilburne Avenue.

So many students ask about bathrooms. Most of our student bathrooms are pretty new and they are all cleaned twice every day. We have cleaners who work during the school day and clean up if needed so the bathrooms are nice for you to use.

As a student at Duncraig SHS, you will need a laptop device and use SEQTA Learn to submit assignments, get your lessons and communicate with your teacher when you are not in their classroom. You can use our wi-fi and internet, access Click-view and Oliver as well as online text books and learning portals.