School Finance

We appreciate every family’s financial contribution to the cost of schooling their child with proceeds enriching and improving the curriculum and opportunities for our students.

All funds received from families are directed straight back into the classroom for immediate benefit of students.

Please read Contributions and Charges Explained for more information on the structure of our costs and their purposes.

In December each year all families are emailed their child’s subject selection and associated costs as well as Anticipated Additional Costs and Personal Items List (Booklist) for the following year.  For example, this year, we will email families information regarding their child’s 2023 subject costs and Booklist requirements.

We understand that the end of the year can be an expensive time of year, and equally when families are preparing children for the new school year therefore we do not seek payment until mid Term 1 each year.  From mid Term 1 and during the school year, statement reminders will be emailed regularly requesting payment of the cost of schooling your child. Please read Cost of Subjects and Payment Options for further information regarding the cost of subjects and our payment options, including the very popular Set and Forget payment plan.

Many families have moved onto Set and Forget payment plans to help with this cost and spread it across the years of your child’s high school career, thus, reducing potential financial pain.

Contributions and Charges FAQ

Alternatively, you may wish to set up your own instalment agreement.

Wherever possible we utilise available technologies to facilitate payment to the school and provide flexible and easy options to families.


Qkr! allows parents to pay and approve for their child’s school activities via mobile device or desktop computer by streamlining the process for both parent and school administration.  The school uploads the parent permission form for electronic signature and parents can pay for the activity immediately, resulting in no lost excursion slips or envelopes of money.  For information on how to register and use Qkr! Click here!


BPOINT is a great way to pay for events or Contributions and Charges, using your Credit/Debit Card at a time that is convenient to you. It means that parents are able to pay for events and fill in consent forms at the same time, resulting in a streamlined process for all concerned.

Families can make arrangements with our Corporate Service staff to pay by instalments managed through the schools BPOINT system. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff.


Payments can be made over the phone or in the office via credit or debit card.  Please visit or ring Administration Office (6241 5400) where one of our friendly team members who will assist you in making a payment.


Should you need assistance with paying your account the Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to parents or independent secondary students who hold eligible concession cards. Application forms can be downloaded 2023 Secondary Assistance Application