Student Recognition

At Duncraig SHS we highly value student engagement and achievement. We recognise that acknowledgement of positive behaviour, academic effort/excellence and care and respect for others, helps to foster an environment where every student feels comfortable to strive for their personal best. The student recognition program provides numerous opportunities for students to be recognised for their achievements at various levels. From classroom success, whole school events and community accolades we strive to build a culture of high achieving students.

We seek to reward students for their constructive efforts within the school community through the following;

Colours will be awarded for achievement over an academic year. Badges will be given as a symbol of achievement and students will wear these for the following year. An annual Ceremony evening will be held to present these prestigious awards to the students. Family members will be invited to this ceremony.

Aimed at recognising excellence in student achievement and performance across the school and within the community. Four Colours can be achieved:

Year 7 – 10 studentsGrade Point Average (GPA) 4.8 or higher in both Semester 1 & Semester 2 

Year 11 & 12 studentsGrade Point Average (GPA) 4.5 or higher in both Semester 1 & Semester 2 

Receive over 100 points for Sporting Achievements (Inter-School Team, State Team, School Champion/Runner-up, School record)

Points system for performances they have done for the school or out in the community.

Nominations from staff and the community for acts of citizenship within the school and the wider community. 

Full Colour
Receive three or more Colours in the same calendar year.

The Achievement Assemblies will be held once per semester and recognise our Care Engage Excel values.

Given out by the Year Coordinator at each Assembly. There are two recipients each Assembly.

If students receive 2 or more
Effort awards in their School report, they are given an Engage award. 

Year 7 – 10 students – Grade Point Average (GPA) 4.5 or higher in each Semester 
Year 11 & 12 students Grade Point Average (GPA) 4.3 or higher in each Semester 


Excellence & Effort Once per Semester

Excellence – Awarded to the highest achieving students in each course. Given out from their reports each Semester.

Effort – Awarded to two students in each class for their hard work in class. Given out from their reports each Semester.

The Year Assembly happens once per term (formerly RACER) and the following categories will be acknowledged:

Year Coordinator Award (Care)
Decided by the Year Coordinator and given out to two students each assembly.

Lucky dip for those students who have over 98% attendance.

Points draw
Students with a certain number of points will go into the draw (spinning wheel) to win a prize up to a given value. The higher the points the greater the prize. See points system below.

House Competition
Announce the House with the greatest number of Points so far.

House points are earnt through a variety of means and will then go into the draw for prizes of differing values. The higher the points, the greater the value of prize. All points will still go towards the House Cup. The winning House will be announced at the Year 12 Final assembly. 

Note: Prizes will be small to begin but we will have a larger number of people drawn. Eg: 

150 points = $50 Westfield Voucher (1 person drawn) 

100 points = $20 Canteen Voucher (2 people drawn) 

50 points = $10 Canteen Voucher (5 people drawn) 

25 points = $5 Canteen Voucher (10 people drawn) 

Students will have the option to accept their prize or bank it so their points can accumulate where they can work towards the next level of points. If they accept the prize, their personal point tally is reset. 

Students will be consulted in working out what prizes will be given out. 

To recognise former Year 12 students who achieve an ATAR of 90 and above.

For Year 12 Students only. Some awards attract a cash prize. Other includes a medallion and/or certificate:

  • Top student in each Subject.
  • Special awards based on nominations or achievement standards.
  • DUX and VET DUX.