One of the unique and highly regarded programs for students in public schools is the instrumental music program run in schools through Instrumental Music School Services (IMMS).

Selection into this program is based on musical aptitude testing and other criteria. If your child is selected, this outstanding program will take your child’s love of music to the next level. They will receive free instrumental tuition and the opportunity to participate in a range of music enrichment activities.

Students who studied music in primary school will study band instruments such as flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and guitar. New music students entering Year 7 may apply for a beginner place for instruments such as trombone, saxophone or percussion.

We have a number of instruments as well as hire instruments.  Students may also bring their own instrument to school.

Lessons are supplied free of charge to successful applicants provided they are also enrolled in a class music unit and an ensemble.

Application Process

The program includes class music, instrumental studies and ensemble performance. The music program runs for two years, enabling tutors to help your child achieve their full potential.

Applications for the 2025 Music Program will open on Monday 29 April, 2024 and will close on Friday 19 July, 2024.

When completing the Year 7 Enrolment application, please click ‘Music’ Program on the Welcome Page and complete the Music Application Form.  You will be required to attach a copy of your child’s most recent school report.

For more information, please contact: