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Education at Duncraig Senior High School is seen as a partnership between parents, staff and students. Given the past history of our school we would expect relationships between the three key stakeholders of our community to be positive and supportive. It is inevitable however, in any community comprising over three thousand individuals, there will be occasions when the harmonious relationships which generally exist in our school community may be tested.

Initial Resolution or Clarification of Concerns

There may be times when parents, students or staff have a concern regarding some aspect of the environment at Duncraig SHS (for example Policy Interpretation/Queries). It is school policy that such concerns should be expressed early either verbally or written without concern for fear of repercussion. The Administration, Student Services Team or classroom Teachers are all equipped to help you address any concern you may have

Procedure for Resolving Formal Concerns (to be recorded)

Occasionally there will be a situation which is more serious or long standing in nature which requires a formal approach if resolution is to be achieved. If a member of the school community feels he/she has arrived at this point a formal complaint needs to be made in writing. At Duncraig Senior High School the Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care) will manage such complaints. Formal complaints must be submitted in a sealed envelope to this Deputy.

If a formal written complaint is lodged it needs to clearly state the nature of the complaint and the avenues which have been accessed to this point. It needs to include your name and contact details.

The school has the following response policy:

  1. Complainants will be made fully aware of assistance which is available (e.g. interpreter)
  2. The school will acknowledge receipt of a formal complaint within 5 working days.
  3. The person / persons at the centre of the complaint will be informed that a complaint has been lodged and who has lodged it The aim will be to resolve a formal complaint within 30 working days (complainants will be advised in the event of delay(s))

The response provided to complainants will include the following information:

  1. information relevant to the complaint;
  2. adequate reasons for any decisions made;
  3. any actions that have resulted from the complaint;
  4. an apology where appropriate;
  5. information on where to seek an independent review (i.e. Ombudsman)

Further Operational Planning Processes

The school will build complaints management into their strategic and operational planning processes, and include reference to it in annual reports.

Duncraig Senior High School will report on the operation of its COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT PROCESS against the following performance indicators:

  1. number of complaints received
  2. amount of time taken to act on and resolve the complaints
  3. improvements made as a result of the complaints received

Please Note: Records relating to any complaint will be kept for 7 years