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Year Coordinator

Year Coordinators support students’ personal and social development, they provide a link between Parents and school staff and assist Student Service Managers in monitoring students attendance, behaviour and students at education risk. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss with their Year Coordinator or other members of the Student Services Team any concerns they have which may be affecting learning and well being.

Form Teacher

The Form Teacher is the person students will see each day (except Wednesday). Form teachers play a vital role in pastoral care, attendance, monitoring of absences, disseminating information, checking on the school diaries and other administrative duties. Form Teachers work closely with Year Coordinator’s to support the wellbeing of students.

Student Services Manager

The role of the Student Services Managers (7 & 8), (9 & 10) and (11 & 12) is to coordinate the activities of the Student Services Team and to provide additional support to identified students. Managers liaise closely with Year Coordinators, Heads of Department and classroom Teachers to build an individual profile of each of our students and aid staff in maximizing the potential of all students.

Student Support Officer

The Student Support Officers provide assistance to students with attendance, injuries and illness.  Support Officers are available from 8.00 am to 4.00pm to direct your call and/or alert the required Student Services team member if you are not able to contact your child’s Year Coordinator.

School Psychologist

The School Psychologist uses knowledge and expertise to help support students achieve academic success, psychological health, social and emotional wellbeing. The School Psychologist’s role can involve individual counselling and student support, liaising with parents, liaising with referral to outside agencies, participation in Case conferences, behaviour management support and working closely with all members of Student Services.

The School Psychologist can offer short-term solution focused interventions; however longer-term counselling will require referral to outside agencies.


The Chaplain is a vital part of the Student Services team building positive relationships with students, staff and the local community. The Chaplain is available to help in times of need or crisis offering care and support through counselling and mentoring, including assisting students who are bullied, isolated, or experiencing difficult times including family breakdown, illness, loss and non-denominational spiritual support.

School Nurse

The Nurse is available to attend to health concerns. If students are feeling unwell or are injured they report to the School Nurse or Student Services reception if the Nurse is not available. Treatment will be undertaken at the Nurse’s discretion and in the case of a medical emergency, parents will be advised.

Indigenous Student Support Teacher

The Indigenous Student Support Teacher works closely with Year Coordinators, Student Service Managers and classroom Teachers to build positive links with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families.