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At Duncraig SHS we highly value Student Engagement. We recognise that recognition of positive behaviour, academic effort/excellence and care and respect for others helps to foster an environment where every student feels comfortable to strive for their personal best. The establishment of high quality positive relationships between staff and students together with recognition of student participation and achievement are essential components of a successful school culture.

We seek to reward students for their constructive efforts within the school community through the following;

  • Staff allocation of RACER Points to acknowledge academic endeavor, participation and good behavior both within and outside of the classroom.
  • RACER 150 Principal’s Morning Tea for students who have achieved 100 RACER Points within the term of the morning tea – they are awarded a commemorative pen.
  • RACER Commendation Certificates awarded to students for meritorious effort in school based activities. 10 RACER points are associated with these certificates. Teachers will manage these certificates and allocate them through SEQTA.
  • Certificates of Excellence are awarded to the “top student” in individual units/subjects each semester and are packaged with student’s school reports.
  • Certificates of Effort are awarded to students in individual units/subjects each semester and are packaged with the student’s school reports.
  • DSHS ‘Excel’ Certificates are awarded to students for achieving excellent grades in a semester report.
  • DSHS ‘Engage’ Certificates are awarded to students for achieving excellent grades in a semester report.
  • DSHS ‘Care’ Certificates are awarded for meritorious performance in supporting fellow students, the school community and the Year Coordinator/Student Services throughout a semester.
  • Year Group Reward Assemblies where students will receive recognition for positive efforts.
  • Reward Activities for Lower School Students
  • Displays of student work. – e.g. Library displays & Learning Area displays.
  • Newsletter acknowledgements of student achievements.
  • Membership of the ‘Breakfast Club’ / ‘Aspire Club’ / ‘VET Ahead Club’ for Senior School students
  • Senior School Privileges – School Ball, River Cruise(s), Common Room use.
  • Senior School Legends is a special award activated when required to recognise some special achievement by a student that may be external to the school but deserving of recognition – recipients receive a certificate & school pen.
  • Allocation of Colours recognition for outstanding achievement



RACER Points are allocated for participation / effort and achievement in class as well as sporting participation and achievement. Students will receive a variety of rewards as they accumulate RACER Points. Parents will be notified of their student having received RACER points via a SEQTA notification.

A RACER Award is for 5 Points and a Commendation Certificate is for 10 Points.

RACER Rewards will be available upon the accumulation of:

25 points           Bronze RACER Certificate

50 points           Silver RACER Certificate        

100 points         Gold RACER Certificate & gift card

150 points         Principal’s RACER Morning Tea invite & Commemorative Pen

200 points         Principal’s RACER Morning Tea invite & gift card

250 points         Principal’s RACER Morning Tea invite & gift card



Colours Awards are aimed at recognising excellence in student achievement and performance and are grounded in the school’s pedagogy driver RACER. The Colours awards incorporate recognition for the values and facets of the RACER concept – Respect, Achievement, Collaboration, Engagement, and Relevance.

Colours will be allocated in 4 aspects of student achievement

  • Academic                   
  • Sporting                                              
  • Performance              
  • Citizenship                                         

Students who are awarded 3 or more colours in any one year will be awarded the highly prestigious Full Colour.

Colours Awards will be acknowledged at the Term 1 Honours Assembly of each academic year with a celebratory breakfast and badge awarding ceremony later in the term. Year 12 students will be awarded their final colours at the Year 12 Final Assembly in Week 2 of Term 4.

Colours recognition is subject to a student having maintained their Good Standing / Good Conduct status at school for the duration of the year in which the Colour is being awarded.

The achievement of a Colours Award will be acknowledged in a student’s school reference at the end of Year 12.



Students, Parents, Staff and Community Members may nominate students for a Colours Award by downloading the Nomination Form and handing it into the Student Services Reception by the closing date for nominations. Closing Date for nominations are as follows;

For Year 12 students – end of Week 7, Term 3.

For Years 7-11 students – end of Week 1, Term 4.