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Duncraig Senior High School has for many years operated a highly successful Academic Extension program to cater for students who exhibit outstanding aptitude and talent in different Learning Areas.

The purpose of the School Based Academic Extension Program is to further develop the skills and abilities of our talented students by providing an environment that provides challenge and where students can work with peers who share similar interests, aspirations and abilities.

The School Based Academic Extension program operates in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences in Years 7 to 10. The program includes enrichment and extension activities, with enrichment referring to the broadening of curriculum to develop knowledge, application, thinking skills and attitudes to a degree of complexity appropriate to the students’ developmental level, and extension involving the deepening of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.

Students are able to be in Academic Extension for all four subjects, or only for the subjects that they demonstrate a proficiency in. Placement in subjects is dependent on results gained from the Academic Test that students sit when they are in Year 6.

Entry Procedures

The School Based Academic Extension Program is available to students who live in the school’s local intake area.

For children that are interested in the SBAE program, they will be required to take an academic test when they are in Year 6.  Please note the following dates for this year’s testing for Year 7 2021 entry:

  • Applications for the SBAE program will open on the 1st of May 2020.
  • Applications close:  Wednesday 26th August 2020.
  • Academic Extension Program Testing for Year 7 2021 entry will take place at Duncraig Senior High School on Tuesday 8th September 2020.

For more information, please contact: