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Opti Minds State Finalists

11 September 2019

On Saturday 31st August Duncraig Senior High School had three teams compete in the Regional Finals of Optiminds - a Year 7 Language Literature team, a Year 10 Science Engineering team and a Year 11 Science Engineering team.

We have just received notification that both the Year 10 and Year 11 teams have made it to the State Finals, which will take place at Curtin University on Saturday 21st September.

This is a wonderful effort by both teams. Winners of the State Finals will get the chance to compete at the National Event, to be held in Brisbane on 10th Oct - 14th Oct.

The teams are:

Year 10 Team

Shuta Murray

Dylan Antoni

Michael Devlin-Bijoux

Sean Ferris

Dev Lohar

Richard Chin


Year 11 Team

Yuta Murray

Euan Marriott

Chris Patrick

Maxim Silversmith