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Device Specifications

We believe in giving parents some choice on which device their child uses. The following specifications guidelines ensure the device can be supported within the Duncraig SHS network. We do not recommend a Chromebook or iPad. A Windows or Mac laptop integrates more effectively into our ICT workflow. Devices should comply with the minimum specs listed below:

Operating System  : MAC OSX 10.13+ | Windows 10 or 11
Processor                : M1 (Apple) or i5 or better (PC)
RAM                        : 8GB (16GB preferred)
Screen Size             : 12 inch or larger
Battery Life             : 8 hours (recommended)
Storage                   : 128GB SSD or better
Wireless                  : 5Ghz Band Compatibility (802.11ac)
(If the device does note meet this wireless requirement it will not have access to the network)

Duncraig Senior High School recommends students wishing to study Photograpy or Media subjects should choose an Apple Mac device to be more compatable with our Media software.

For PC we recommend Pen enabled laptops. The pen allows students to easily annotate electronic notes, maintain hand writing skills and actively participate in lessons to embed learning. Several are available on the CompNow portal.

BYOD Portal - Compnow

You may purchase your device anywhere. However Duncraig has organised device bundles with Compnow that offer you support advantages with the device collected from the school if it needs servicing. 

To purchase go directly to the Compnow  Portal 
Compnow information
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Please note: For those that have purchased previously form Winthrop, the school will still organise servicing for your device going forward