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The Department of Education Policy on school dress code allows schools to make the wearing of school uniform a requirement. The School Board has endorsed a dress code for all students attending this school. The School Board believes a school dress code:

  • fosters and enhances the public image of the school.
  • assists in building school and team spirit.
  • ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities.
  • encourages equality among students.
  • prepares students for work, as many work places have dress and safety codes.

The school staff, the School Board and the Student Council strongly supports the wearing of a school uniform. Enrolment at the school is a commitment to meet Dress Code Requirements.

Uniform Shop

The school uniform shop is operated by Uniform Concepts.They are located at 5/7 Delage Street, Joondalup.

Opening hours are:

Monday – Friday:9am – 5pm (Thurs to 6pm)

Saturday: 9am - 1pm

Email: Joondalup@uc.nellgray.com.au

Phone: 9270 4660

Website: https://www.nellgray.com.au/Schools/Duncraig-Senior-High-School

Dress Code Requirements

  • All clothing worn to school by students must be Duncraig school uniform, supplied by Uniform Concepts, displaying the school logo.
  • The white Duncraig school polo top must be worn to school each day.
  • Students may wear blue or black leggings provided a school skirt or school shorts are worn over the top. (Note: Skirt and/or shorts must be visible).
  • A plain white or navy t-shirt (long or short sleeved) may be worn beneath the school uniform for additional warmth.

Sports Uniform

In order to maintain student hygiene it is a school requirement that all students change into the blue school PE uniform for physical education lessons. This blue shirt is only to be worn during Physical Education classes.

Students will:

  • Ensure their uniform is clean and tidy.
  • Wear closed and safe footwear at all times.
  • Ensure the only logo worn to school is the Duncraig school logo.
  • Avoid extreme hair colouring.
  • Avoid extreme make-up or jewellery including spiked or hooped facial piercings.
  • Ensure no denim clothing is worn to school.
  • Remove all headwear including hats and beanies when entering classrooms (except in cases of religious, cultural or medical requirement).

School Uniform Management

Students unable to meet the school’s dress code on a given day are required to report to Student Services before school with a valid reason.  Their names will be recorded and they will be issued with a Uniform Infringement Notice.

Students who attend classes out of uniform, without a Uniform Infringement Notice, will be issued with one by their class teacher. The names of these students will be communicated to Student Services.

Student Services staff will follow up with families, communicating when infringements reach unsatisfactory levels. They will endeavour to support families experiencing difficulties in the provision of full school uniform.

Repeated breaches of the dress code will likely result in consequences such as detention. Continued breeches of the Dress Code may also result students not be permitted to attend various social and sporting events until the matters are attended to.