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General Pathway
There is no minimum entry requirement for this program; however an interview may be requested for some work placements.
Course Description:
This course is ONLY suitable for students who are completing a NON-ATAR pathway as work placement is completed during the examination period.  This program is highly recommended for those students who are focused on gaining first hand experience in the workforce.
By successfully completing this program, students will be credited with:
  • 1 Career and Enterprise (CAE) Unit
  • 2 Workplace Learning (ADWPL) Units
The Career & Enterprise Unit prepares students for their work placements and future career decisions by studying the following topics:
  • Work related decision making
  • Entrepreneurial behaviours -risk taking/initiative and work success
  • Occupational health & safety and satisfying workplaces
  • Career development and management
  • Gaining and keeping work
The Workplace Learning Units provide a valuable opportunity for students to explore career pathways by choosing to undertake practical and relevant work experience in an industry of their choice. It provides students with the knowledge, workplace skills and attitudes valued within work environments, as a preparation for employment. Specific technical skills and knowledge learnt during formal education help students gain and keep employment. These skills are vital to all forms of employment in today’s world. These units provide ongoing opportunities for Workplace Learning. Students prepare for, and are placed in a suitable workplace. WPL is completed in two x two week blocks throughout the year in an ndustry area of interest to the student.
During their work placements, students are given an opportunity to develop generic work related skills that are transferable and vital to all forms of employment. These skills are often referred to as “employability skills” and are relevant for everyone seeking work. Employability skills are developed over the life time of an individual and are valued in education, training, employment and participation in the community.  Students may be offered part-time work opportunities, full-time or school based apprenticeships and   traineeships after successful work placements, thus offering an excellent networking opportunity for students.
Course Assessment:
To pass this unit of Career & Enterprise, students must complete the following 4 assignments:

Investigate different learning styles. Prepare an oral presentation sharing the findings.
Use decision-making steps for a problem that you have identified in a workplace with which you are familiar and use a SWOT as the model for making a decision.
Participate in a mock personal job interview using a SAO technique to respond to the questions.
Create or update your career portfolio.

This unit is graded A - E at the end of the year.
Note – A detailed assessment statement will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.

Workplace Learning Completion requirements
To achieve one unit of workplace learning students must have:

completed a total of 55 hours in the workplace
maintained a logbook documenting workplace attendance and tasks undertaken
complete a Workplace Learning Skills Journal.
Additional Information:
This program allows students to experience different workplaces, assisting them to make informed career decisions. These decisions are important as students move from school to further education, training, employment and participation in the community.  Some examples of work placements include electrical, plumbing and gas fitting, carpentry and joinery, hospitality, automotive, metals and engineering, child care, hairdressing, IT, animal care, teacher assistant, retail and health services.
A White Card is required if students are attending a construction workplace (This may be completed as part of an external training provider course or on-line).