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Course Code:
General Pathway
C grade or better in Visual Art (Unit 1 & 2) - General
Course Description:
This course is highly recommended for those students who have an interest in the Visual Arts but  are not in a position to endure the academic rigours of the Art ATAR Courses.  It  provides valuable opportunities for self expression and creativity that could lead towards productive leisure time pursuits, employment possibilities or entry into State Trading Providers (TAFEWA).
The focus for Unit 3 is inspirations. Students become aware that artists gain inspiration and generate ideas from diverse sources. The focus for Unit 4 is investigations. Students investigate a variety of selected artists’ work to further develop their understanding of the creative process. This course provides opportunities for students to develop ideas through problem solving and research to arrive at a finished product of high quality and personal relevance. Students work in co-operation with others and as individuals on projects that express contemporary concerns. Design processes are used in development of student’s original ideas. Use of a range of art forms and technologies such as drawing, painting,  culpture, textiles, ceramics, graphic design and digital art will be encouraged to allow students to explore, create and communicate their ideas.
Course Assessment:
Practical assessment - 65%
Theory - 20%
EST - 15%

Note - This course will not have an external examination, however, students will be required to sit an externally set task (50 minutes duration). The EST is a compulsory assessment subject to the same attendance requirements as Senior School Exams.