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University Pathway
Grade C or better in Politics and Law (Units 1 & 2) - ATAR
Course Description:
You will start this course with concepts essential to the understanding of government and law in Australia, with a focus on the Australian Constitution and how power is used. In Semester Two the focus is on how government is made accountable for its use of power and the protection of rights and democratic principles. Two research Investigations will give you the opportunity to examine aspects of political and legal systems and develop skills in critical thinking, analytical reasoning and extended writing.
Unit 3- Political and Legal Power
This unit examines the political and legal system established by the Commonwealth Constitution (Australia) and the power wielded within the system, making reference to particular political and legal developments and issues. We will be looking at the 1975 Constitutional crisis that stopped a nation and other major developments in Constitutional change.
Unit 4 - Accountability and Rights
This unit examines avenues for, and the effectiveness of, accountability in relation to the three branches of government in Australia. We investigate the ways, and the extent to which,  rights are protected, and democratic principles are upheld and/or undermined in Australia, and one other country, are also examined.  These include examples involving the Charter of Human Rights, intervention from international peace keeping organisations, and controversial policy making on our own shores.
Course Assessment:
Course Assessment is based on five categories of assessment:

Investigation - 10%
Short Answer - 15%
Essays - 15%
Source Analysis - 20%
Examinations - 40%
Further Study:
This course is useful for those studying Law (in particular), Politics, Business and any other related Social Science subjects at University.
Additional Information:
Politics and Law provides you with the skills to be an active citizen and develops skills in critical thinking, analytical reasoning and writing skills necessary in a modern life and career. It gives students an understanding of the world, including knowledge of current affairs and an ability to think critically about government policies and political spin.  Politics and Law will help prepare students wide range of career opportunities in business, law, media, the arts, science, education, engineering and government.