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Course Code:
University Pathway
Grade of C or above in Physics (Units 1 & 2) - ATAR
Course Description:
The Physics ATAR course aims to develop students’:
  • appreciation of the wonder of physics and the significant contribution physics has made to contemporary society
  • understanding that diverse natural phenomena may be explained, analysed and predicted using concepts, models and theories that provide a reliable basis for action
  • understanding of the ways in which matter and energy interact in physical systems across a range of scales
  • understanding of the ways in which models and theories are refined and new models and theories are developed in physics; and how physics knowledge is used in a wide range of contexts and informs personal, local and global issues
  • investigative skills, including the design and conduct of investigations to explore phenomena and solve problems, the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, and the interpretation of evidence
  • ability to use accurate and precise measurement, valid and reliable evidence, and scepticism and intellectual rigour to evaluate claims
  • ability to communicate physics understanding, findings, arguments and conclusions using appropriate representations, modes and genres.
Unit 3 – Gravity and electromagnetism
Students investigate models of motion in gravitational, electric and magnetic fields to explain how forces act at a distance.
Unit 4 – Revolutions in modern physics
Students use the theory of electromagnetism to explain the production and propagation of electromagnetic waves and investigate how shortcomings in existing theories led to the
development of the quantum theory of light and matter, the Special Theory of Relativity, and the Standard Model of particle physics.
Course Assessment:
Science Inquiry - 20%
Tests - 30%
Examinations - 50%

Note – A detailed assessment statement will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Additional Information:
Physics allows for the possibility of many vocations some of which include Astronaut, Astronomer, Citizen, Doctor, Electrician, Engineer, Nurse, Physiotherapist, and Scientist.