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Course Code:
University Pathway
Grade C or better in Human Biology (Units 1 & 2) ATAR
Course Description:
Human Biology covers a wide range of ideas relating to the functioning human. Students learn about themselves, relating structure to function and how integrated regulation allows individuals to survive in a changing environment. The units covered in Year 12 explore the nervous and endocrine systems, the mechanisms that help maintain the systems of the body to function within normal range, and the body’s immune responses to invading pathogens. They also explore the variations in humans, their changing environment and  evolutionary trends in homonids.
  • plan and conduct investigations
  • analyse data, draw conclusions, evaluate investigation design and findings
  • evaluate the impact of advancements in human biology on individuals and society
  • communicate understandings of human biology
  • understand that knowledge of human biological systems has developed over time and continues to develop with improving technology
  • understand how scientists use knowledge of human biological systems in a wide range of applications
  • understand how knowledge of human biological systems influences society in local, regional and global contexts.
  • understand structure and function in the body
  • understand inheritance in humans
  • understand how the body maintains homeostasis
  • understand human variability and evolution.
Course Assessment:
Science Inquiry - 10%
Extended Response - 15%
Tests - 25%
Examinations - 50%

Note – A detailed assessment statement will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Additional Information:
Vocational opportunities, personal attributes that would be developed etc.
Studying Human Biology is an advantage to students interested in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Science or Physical Education or Sports Science, Occupational Health, Medicine and Childcare.