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Course Code:
General Pathway
Grade C or better in Food Science Technology (Units 1 & 2) - General
Course Description:

In the Food Science and Technology General course, students develop their interests and skills through the design, production and management of food-related tasks. They develop knowledge of the various properties of food and apply these in practical situations, as well as their problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills. The students will work individually as well as in small production teams.

Unit 3 –
Food science
This unit explores the societal, lifestyle and economic issues that influence food choices and investigate a range of diet-related health conditions that affect individuals and families. Students develop technology and communication skills to design food products. They will follow occupational safety and health requirements, implement safe food handling practices and use a variety of foods and processing techniques to produce safe, quality food products.
Unit 4 –
The undercover story
Students investigate food processing techniques and the principles of food preservation. They examine the regulations which determine the way food is packaged, labelled and stored and how the principles of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system are administered and implemented to guide the production and provision of safe food. Students investigate the food supplyand value-adding techniques applied to food to meet consumer and producer requirements. They will examine influences on the nutritional wellbeing of individuals that arise from lifestyle and cultural traditions. Students will adapt recipes and processing techniques when designing and preparing food for the specific nutritional needs of various cultural groups. There is no set homework as the assessment tasks (both practical and written components) are completed in class time throughout the year and there are no exams in this course.
Course Assessment:
Investigation - 30%
Production - 40%
Response - 15%
Externally set task - 15%
NOTE: This course will not have an external examination, however, students will be required to sit an externally set task (50 minutes duration). The EST is a compulsory assessment subject to the same attendance requirements as Senior School Exams.
Additional Information:
This course gives students opportunities to develop a wide range of practical skills when producing various recipes which will always be valuable throughout life.
The Food Science and Technology General course enables students to connect with further education, training and employment pathways and enhances employability and career opportunities in areas that include nutrition, health, food and beverage manufacturing, food processing, community services, hospitality, and retail.