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General Pathway
It is expected that students choosing to study Drama (Units 3 & 4) General in Year 12 have studied Drama (Units 1 & 2) in Year 11. If students have not studied Drama in Year 11, they should seek advice before enrolling in this subject. It is recommended that students have studied at least two units of Drama over Years 9 and 10 and achieved good results.
Course Description:
Drama is a varied and vibrant ar
t form found in play, storytelling, theatre, film and television.
Drama entertains, communicates and challenges.
The Year 12 syllabus is divided into two units, which are delivered as a pair. In Unit 3,
representational and realistic drama
forms and styles
are covered. Techniques of
characterisation, particularly Stanislavski are examined. The emphasis is on interpreting scripted
work in the roles of actor and director. In Unit 4,
presentational or non-
realist drama
is studied.
Students study texts and approaches that challenged conventions, particularly those based on the
work of Brecht and others.
In both units a range of design roles (such as lighting, costume and sound) are also explored.
Course Assessment:
55% - Performance/Production
30% - Response
15% - Externally set task

This course will not have an external examination, however, students will be required to sit an externally set task (50 minutes duration).
The EST is a compulsory assessment subject to the same attendance requirements as Senior School Exams.
Additional Information:
Drama offers and enjoyable grounding in the eight key employability skills which are valued in the workplace including:
  • Communication
  • Team work as well as an ability to work independently
  • Problem solving
  • Initiative and enterprise
  • Planning and organising
  • Self-management
  • Learning
  • Technology skills
Many personal attributes are developed particularly well in the Drama environment such as:
Commitment, enthusiasm, positive self-esteem, sense of humour, ability to deal with pressure, motivation and adaptability.