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Course Code:
General Pathway
Successful completion of Certificate II in Visual Arts - Technical Drawing program in Year 11.

It is preferred that Students will be continuing this subject from Year Eleven. However, students who are first year enrolments will be able to achieve a VET Certificate of Attainment. There is an opportunity for new enrolments who have completed Technical Drawing in year Ten and achieved an A or B grade to achieve Certificate II after completing extra work as required.
Course Description:
This course can only be successfully completed if students have already attained the Certificate II from the previous year. Previous successfully completed units are an integral part of the Certificate III course and are essential for successful completion. Students who have not completed the Certificate II course or only parts of it will be given the opportunity to complete their Certificate II.
This VET course is planned to prepare students for one of the many design and drafting areas through an appreciation of design and graphics, developing and encouraging personal
creativeness which can be applied to their work.
Please note that Units in italics were attempted in the Certificate II course.
CORE Units of Competency:
BSBOHS201 - Contribute to health and safety of self and others
CUVACD201 - Develop drawing skills to communicate ideas
CUVPRP301 - Produce creative work
CUVRES301 - Apply knowledge of history and theory to own arts practice
ELECTIVE Units of Competency:
MEM09002B - Interpret technical drawings
BSBDES201 - Follow a design process
CUAACD302 - Produce computer aided drawings
CUCUAACD303 - Produce technical drawings
MEM09009C - Create 2D drawings using computer aided design system
BSBWOR203 - Work effectively with others
MEM16008A - Interact with computing technologies
CUAPPR302 - Document the creative work process
Additional Information:
This course will be completed over 1 year.
The goals of the course are to prepare students for future employment in Drawing based disciplines including Architecture, Engineering, and Building.
Major course components include Basic Drawing Techniques, Basic Design Practice, Production of Computer Aided drawings, and using CAD to create and display 3D models. Students will gain experience in the use of computer based programs such as ACAD, INVENTOR, SKETCHUP, as well as paper drafting skills to prepare architectural and engineering drawings. Whilst these fields share a common link through digital technology, the Graphic Design course also includes the use of traditional non-digital design media.
VET Information:
CUA31115 - Certificate III Visual Arts (Technical Drawing) is offered in partnership via auspicing with registered organisation: : Vetis Consulting Services RTO52499. The student

handbook can be downloaded from the website http://www.vetisconsulting.net.au