Certificate III Media VET (course continues from Year 11)

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Course Code:
General Pathway
Successful completion of Certificate II Creative Industries (Media).
Course Description:
Course Content- (Units in italics will have been completed in Year 11)
CORE units of competency:
CUSOHS301A - Follow occupational health and safety procedures
BSBCRT301A - Develop and Extend critical and creative thinking skills
CUFIND301B -  Work effectively in the screen and media industries
ELECTIVE units of competency:
CUFCAM201A - Assist with a basic camera shoot
BSBDES201A - Follow a design process
CUFPOS201A - Perform basic vision and sound editing
CUFLGT101A - Apply a general knowledge of lighting to work activities
CUFCAM301A - Shoot material for screen productions
ICAU3126B -  Use advanced features of computer applications
CUFDIG303A -  Produce and prepare photo images
CUVDIG201A - Develop Digital Imaging skills
Additional Information:
This course will be completed over 2 years.
This qualification reflects the role of a skilled operator in the film, television, radio or digital media  industries who applies a broad range of competencies in a varied work context, using some discretion and judgment and relevant theoretical knowledge. They may provide technical advice and support to a team.
  • Interpreting and clarifying written or verbal instructions
  • Interpreting and applying information in user manuals for software applications
  • Writing copy that meets specific requirements
  • Seeking and responding to feedback on work in progress
  • Working as a member of a production team - both independently on assignment and under direction
  • Anticipating and dealing with minor equipment set-up and operational problems
  • Modifying graphic images and elements of web pages to achieve desired effect
Initiative and enterprise
  • Generating a range of feasible ideas for visual designs within scope of job role
  • Obtaining information in a culturally appropriate way
  • Participating in quality improvement activities
Planning and organising
  • Collecting and organizing information in a way that allows for easy retrieval
  • Planning work tasks in a logical sequence
  • Undertaking basic research into information to be used in written copy
  • Acting within the scope of job role
  • Following workplace procedures, particularly in relation to OHS
  • Producing work within deadlines
  • Seeking expert assistance when problems arise
  • Keeping up to date with industry developments and trends
  • Improving writing skills through drafting and redrafting material
  • Reviewing design and creative reference material to improve understanding of visual communication principles
  • Identifying and taking advantage of opportunities for ongoing professional development
VET Information:
CUF30107 Certificate III in Media is offered in partnership via auspicing with a registered organisation: Central Institute of TAFE. Student Handbook and Parent Handbook can be