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Course Code:
General Pathway
Completion of Year 11 units in Certificate II in Dance
Course Description:

The compulsory units of competence that will be completed in this course are

Core units

CUAWHS201      Develop a basic level of physical conditioning for dance performance

CUAIND201        Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge

CUADAN201       Develop basic dance techniques

CUAWHS101      Follow safe dance practices

CUADAN202       Incorporate artistic expression into basic dance performances

CUAPRF201        Prepare for performances

BSBWOR203       Work effectively with others

Elective units

CUADAN205       Perform basic contemporary dance techniques

CUADAN208       Perform basic street dance technique

CUADTM301      Assist with dance teaching

Course Duration

This course will be completed over 2 years

Additional Information:
A student successfully completing this course will develop their performance skills, improve their dance techniques across genres and work closely with others. They will have opportunities to develop choreography skills. This course would complement additional study towards employment in the fitness industry in areas such as personal training and aerobics instruction.

The CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance is a proposed offering for the 2021 academic year. At the time of publication, no agreements have been entered into with a Registered Training Organisation for the delivery of this qualification. On the basis of interest from students in the CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance, the school will initiate a formal partnership agreement with a RTO for the delivery of the qualification.