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Course Code:
General Pathway
There are no academic prerequisites for Visual Arts General Course however, competent drawing skills, a genuine interest in Art and an A, B, or C grade in lower school arts courses are recommended.
Course Description:
The Visual Arts General course encompasses the practice and theory of the broad areas of art, craft and design. Students have opportunities to express their imagination and develop personal imagery, skills and engage in the making and presentation of artworks. They develop aesthetic understandings and a critical awareness that assists them to appreciate, and make, informed evaluations of art.
This course places value on divergence, uniqueness and individuality. It assists students to value and develop confidence in their own creative abilities and to develop a greater understanding of their environment, community and culture. The Visual Arts General course engages students in a process that helps them develop motivation, self-esteem, discipline, collaborative practice and resilience, all of which are essential life skills.
Unit 1 - Experiences
The focus for this unit is experiences. Students develop artworks based on their lives and personal experiences, observations of the immediate environment, events and/or special occasions. They participate in selected art experiences aimed at developing a sense of observation.
Unit 2 – Explorations
The focus for this unit is explorations. Students explore ways to generate and develop ideas using a variety of stimulus materials and explorations from their local environment. They use a variety of inquiry approaches, techniques and processes when creating original artworks. 
Course Assessment:
Production 70%
Analysis 15%
Investigation 15%
Note – A detailed assessment outline will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Further Study:
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