Physical Education Studies (Units 1 & 2) ATAR

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Course Code:
University Pathway
Science B grade/ Exam 60%
Physical Education Studies B grade
Course Description:

The course focuses on the complex interrelationships between motor learning and psychological, biomechanical and physiological factors that influence individual and team performance. Students will also engage as performers, leaders, coaches, analysts and planners of physical activity.

The course is delivered through six interrelated content areas, these being:

•             Developing physical skills and tactics             •             Motor learning and coaching

•             Functional anatomy                                           •             Biomechanics

•             Exercise physiology                                           •             Sport psychology

There is a high level of theory work and research using scientific principals and terminology preparing students for the external exams in Year 12.

Sports undertaken will involve Netball (Duncraig’s focus sport for ATAR), plus one other sport, such as tennis, volleyball, hockey, soccer, touch and / or badminton.  The additional sport chosen will be done in much greater depth than in lower school. 

Course Assessment:
Practical Performance 30%
Investigations, Response and Written Examinations 70%
Note – A detailed assessment outline will be provided to students at the commencement of the course
Further Study:
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