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Course Code:
General Pathway
There are no specific pre-requisites for Media Production and Analysis General. It is recommended that students have studied at least one Media unit in lower school and achieved a good result.
Course Description:

The Media Production and Analysis General course aims to prepare all students for a future in a digital and interconnected world by providing the skills, knowledge and understandings to tell their own stories and interpret others’ stories. Students learn the languages of media communication and how a story is constructed using representations. Students are encouraged to explore, experiment and interpret their world, reflecting and analysing contemporary life while understanding that this is done under social, cultural and institutional constraints. Students as users and creators of media products, consider the important role of audiences and their context.

Digital technologies have had an impact on and extended, the capacity that the media play in all Australian lives. Through new technologies, the role of the audience has shifted from a passive consumer to a more active participant, shaping the media through interaction and more accessible modes of production and dissemination of media work. Students’ interaction and opportunity to use technologies enables them to engage with current media and adapt to evolving media platforms.

The production of media work enables students to demonstrate their understanding of the key concepts of media languages, representation, audience, production, skills and processes as well as express their creativity and originality. When producing media work, students learn to make decisions about all aspects of production, including creative choices across pre-production, production and post-production phases. This provides an opportunity for students to reflect on and discuss their own creative work, intentions and outcomes. Within this process, skills are developed enabling students to manipulate technologies which simulate industry experiences.

The MPA General (Year 11) course is delivered in two semesterised units: Unit 1: Mass media and Unit 2: Point of view.

Course Assessment:
Production 70%
Response 30%
Note – A detailed assessment outline will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Further Study:
Year 12 Media Production and Analysis (Units 3 & 4) GENERAL
Additional Information:

Studying Media greatly support learning outcomes in other subject areas; particularly English. This course develops skills and abilities that other subjects rarely address. Media offers an enjoyable grounding in the eight key employability skills which are valued in the workplace including:

• Communication                    • Team work / work independently

• Problem solving                   • Initiative and enterprise

• Planning and organising      • Self-management

• Learning                               • Technology skills