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General Pathway
Course Description:

In this course, students learn about themselves, relating the structure of the different body systems to their function and understanding the interdependence of these systems in maintaining life.

Reproduction, growth and development of the unborn baby are studied to develop an understanding of the effects of lifestyle choices. Students will engage in activities exploring the coordination of the musculoskeletal, nervous and endocrine systems. They explore the various methods of transmission of diseases and the responses of the human immune system. Students research new discoveries that help increase our understanding of the causes and spread of disease in a modern world.

As a science, the subject matter of this course is founded on systematic inquiry; knowledge and understanding of human biology has been gained by scientific research. However, this knowledge is far from complete and is being modified and expanded as new discoveries and advancements are made. Students develop their understanding of the cumulative and evolving nature of scientific knowledge and the ways in which such knowledge is obtained through scientific investigations. They learn to think critically, to evaluate evidence, to solve problems, and to communicate understandings in scientific ways.

Responsible citizens need to be able to evaluate risks, ethical concerns and benefits to make informed decisions about matters relating to lifestyle and health. Issues such as diet, medical treatments and the manipulation of fertility are examples in which personal choices have an impact on health and wellbeing. Other topics are often the subject of community debate: obesity, effects of drugs and alcohol use during pregnancy, infectious diseases and hygiene. With an understanding of human biology, students are more able to make better life decisions, and to be more effective contributors to the discussions related to health issues in the community.

Course Assessment:
Science inquiry 40%
Extended response 20%
Tests 40%
Note – A detailed assessment outline will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Further Study:
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Additional Information:
An understanding of human biology is valuable for a variety of career paths. Including areas such as, social work, medical and paramedical fields, food and hospitality, childcare, sport, science and health education.