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Course Code:
University Pathway
Science B grade/ Exam 60%
Course Description:
The Human Biology course gives students a chance to explore what it is to be human—how the human body works, the origins of human variation, inheritance in humans, the evolution of the human species and population genetics.  Through their investigations, students research new discoveries that increase our understanding of human dysfunction, treatments and preventative measures. Practical tasks are an integral part of this course and develop a range of laboratory skills, for example, biotechnology techniques. Students learn to evaluate  risks and benefits to make informed decisions about  lifestyle and health topics such as diet, alternative medical treatments, use of chemical substances and the manipulation of fertility.  Scientific evidence is used to make informed decisions about controversial issues, such as stem cell research, obesity and euthanasia.
Course Assessment:
Science Inquiry - 20%
Extended Response - 15%
Tests - 25%
Examinations - 40%
Note – A detailed assessment statement will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Further Study:
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Additional Information:

Studying Human Biology is an advantage to students interested in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Science of Physical Education or Sports Science, Occupational Health, Medicine and Childcare.