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Course Code:
General Pathway
No prior dance experience needed. Students must complete group public performances as required. There are no solo dance performances in this course. This course is not recommended for students with consistent injuries.
Course Description:

The Dance General course is a highly practical course that allows students to develop and present their creativity through a variety of dance styles. Students will learn technique and choreography in a range of styles, including commercial dance with industry specialists. The course includes the opportunity for students to create their own movement and dance works.

Analysis and theory are linked directly to the viewing of recorded or live dance performances. Where suitable, students will view professional dance with excursions to the theatre. Students will experience an intrinsic sense of enjoyment and personal achievement through expressing and challenging themselves physically. Students will develop fitness specific to dance including cardiovascular, coordination, strength and flexibility.

The DANCE General (Year 11) course is delivered in two semester units:

Unit 1 – The Components of Dance

Unit 2 – Dance as Entertainment

Course Assessment:
Performance / Production 70%
Response 30%
Note – A detailed assessment outline will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Further Study:
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Additional Information:

Through participation in the Dance General course, students develop transferable skills essential to their future. These include communication skills, collaborative teamwork skills, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to organise, analyse and evaluate. Participation may lead to opportunities for future study in dance or related arts fields.