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Here’s where you start to explore what’s out there. Find out about different industries, read profiles of jobs that you might be interested in and get advice about how to be successful when applying for work. Click on the links below to access the resource:

career FAQ

Search for job profiles within industry types, compare salaries and get some industry specific resumes and cover letters.


There are some great  job profiles with online videos where people are talking about their careers and how they got where they are today.


Click on the “news and advice tab’ to find out a wealth of useful information


Start thinking outside the square, look at unusual jobs that might match your skills and watch videos about some cool jobs like computer animators and wine technicians.


Start with an industry you are interested in and find out about the variety of jobs that are available or get information about specific jobs


Take a career quiz, prepare for an interview, how to apply for a job, work readiness course, jobs board with apprenticeships listed and more.

Job Guide has five steps to ‘build your career’ as well as profiles of different occupations for you to read about.

Student Edge

Join to get student discounts on numerous items – plus career matcher, career information, forums, jobs board and more….

Future Quest

Play a free online game that sends you on a career-driven mission in a virtual community. Interact with a host of characters who’ll give you challenges and advice, and you’ll have to sort the good information from the bad. Get valuable insights into your values, interests and skills, and get tips on how to decide on the right career for you. Choose the Futurequest game when you login.


Australia’s national online career information and exploration service – reflect on your interests and skills, explore career pathways and investigate possibilities in the world of work.

Career Guide

Career information and guidance to help you make the right choice. Suggestions for writing your resume, cover letter and more.