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The School Canteen is run by the P & C and is the biggest fundraiser for the school.  All profits go directly back to the students. We employ eight part-time staff members and they have all have successfully completed the “Traffic Light Training” in accordance with the Department of Education’s policy and standards for healthy food and drink choices in WA public schools. 

Our canteen is proud  to announce that the menu is 80% Green with no red items. 

The P&C is always seeking to make your interactions with the school more convenient and secure and that’s why we have engaged FlexiSchools (Australia’s leading school payment system) to provide a cashless way to pay for school services.  We have online ordering for recess and lunch orders. As well as being convenient for parents, the online orders are much faster and easier for the canteen staff to process, making this a better business process. This system allows parents, students and staff to place orders from home, work or school at any time. Students can have money loaded onto their student card so they can use the cashless system over the counter.

More Information

The canteen staff are:

Sally Cole : Canteen Manager

Tammi Koteka : Canteen Supervisor

Deanne Segavac : Canteen Supervisor

Jacquie Warren : Canteen Assistant

Michelle Partridge : Canteen Assistant

Kim Taylor : Canteen Assistant

Nicole Donohue : Canteen Assistant

Michelle Hamer : Canteen Assistant


Study Group

The canteen now has a new service available each Monday and Tuesday for students to order food after school before Study Group. The menu includes items such as crackers with cheese/hummus; a range of sandwiches; drinks and muffins. Food will be delivered at 3.00p.m on these days.  See menu here.

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Breakfast Menu from 8.00 - 8.30 am

Breakfast items are now available each morning from 8.00 am. 


Stationery available for purchase:

Blue or red pen 50c

Eraser 50c

HB pencil $1.00

Ruler $1.50

Highlighter $1.50


Online Ordering

Available 24/7 | Convenient for parents | Removes paper orders and cash | FREE registration
  1. Simply register by clicking the button below 
  2. You will be sent an email with further instructions on how to complete the registration
  3. Once registered, you can start placing orders immediately

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Please Note: Payment options include Visa, Mastercard (credit and debit) and Bank Transfer. The system operates via a pre-paid account, so you no longer have to worry about the manual process of sending payments into school, and you can easily budget your students spending and expenses throughout the year.

Contact: If you have any questions, FlexiSchools provide a great help desk on 1300 361 769, or you can contact them via their website.