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Wednesday 11 December


Every year Duncraig SHS hosts an afternoon second hand book sale where outgoing Year 12 students and students finishing Year 11 and heading into Year 12 are given the opportunity to sell on any of their school textbooks that are in reasonable condition to incoming Year 10, 11 & 12 students.

The details for this year’s event are as follows;

DATE:    Wednesday 11th December (Week 9 of term)

TIME:    3.30 - 5pm (sellers are asked to set up between 3 - 3.30pm as selling will start at 3.30pm promptly).

VENUE:  The School Gymnasium here at DSHS. Entry via the double doors to the Gym facing the Canteen.

Year 11 & 12 Students who are participating in the Antipodeans Abroad trip or the Cadet Camp will not be able to be present for this sale but are welcome to ask family/friends to sell/buy on their behalf.

Maths students are welcome to sell on their calculators at this event if they wish to.

What you need to do if you wish to sell items on the day:

1.  Determine what texts you want to sell (if you are a current Year 11 make sure you won't need the textbooks again in Year 12).

2.  Label your textbooks with prices - post-it notes are good for this as they don't stick permanently to the book.  (Be reasonable with your pricing to ensure you sell your textbooks - no one will pay full price for a book that has highlighting etc in it.)

3. *NEW in 2019* If you are selling a book that has activation codes please include the additional codes in the sale.

4.  Make sure you have small change and money notes in small denominations so you can provide change to purchasers on the day - there are NO change facilities offered by the school.

5.  Make sure you arrive in the Gym at 3pm (not before as the Gym will need to be set up after 2:40pm).

6.  Make a sign to stick to the front of your table letting people know what years & what subject textbooks you are selling so the buyers don't miss your table out.

7.  Be prepared to negotiate with the buyers if you really want to sell as many textbooks as possible.

8.  Feel free to bring a family member or friend with you to help run your selling table (especially if you are a current Year 11 student and also want to purchase books).

What to do if you wish to buy items on the day:

1.  Arrive from 3.30pm (not before as no selling will take place and buyers will not be admitted until 3.30pm).

2.  Bring cash with you as this is the only payment method that will be accepted. Make sure you have small denomination notes etc to allow you to pay easily. (Handing over $50 notes may result on you not being able to purchase your required text as the seller may not have enough change for you).

3.  Be prepared to negotiate as some sellers may be willing to do 'package deals' etc.

4.  Make sure you have your 2019 book list (currently in the process of being posted out) with you so you can ensure you are purchasing the correct textbooks - THIS IS VITAL as the students selling the texts will not know if all of their texts from this year will appear on the new book lists or what edition of a text you have been asked to purchase.

All book lists will be posted out to families soon and should be with you by the end of next week. They will also be available electronically on the School Website once finalised and posted next week.

5.  *NEW in 2019* If you purchase a second-hand book that has activation codes ensure that you receive the additional codes. Please be aware that you are not able to purchase reactivation codes for some books. (Refer to 2020 Book list)

Ms Marcon, Ms Sleiman & Ms Hodson will be coordinating the event on the afternoon so please approach them if you have questions on your arrival. We look forward to seeing lots of you there!

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