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School Business Plan 2016 - 2018

School Context

The School is a vibrant secondary school catering for approximately 1304 students from Duncraig, Padbury and surrounding areas.
The School is situated in the western suburbs on the coastal strip 18km from Perth and 2km from the ocean. Its position is advantageous in terms of accessibility and the cooling influence of sea breezes in the warmer summer months. The catchment area would be described as middle-to-high income socio-economic status. Parents are generally very supportive of the school and the P&C is very active within the school.

The current student enrolment includes students from Year 7 to Year 12. Year 7 students joined the high school for the first time in 2015 and throughout 2014 Duncraig SHS underwent a building program to cater for the increase in enrolments. The building program has included a new block of 11 classrooms that has provided an exciting learning environment and an age appropriate transition into high school for junior students. A new Administration building, entry to the school, improved parking and drop-off areas for students and an attractive outdoor amphitheatre were also built giving the school a vibrant, colourful and welcoming entrance. In 2015 the third stage of the building program was completed providing the school with a dedicated Student Service Centre, new gymnasium and sports change rooms and an upgraded Performing Arts Theatre.

All lower school students are taught by subject specialist teachers and with a comparatively larger upper school student population, the school is able to offer a wide variety of courses for senior students, who are then able to go on to University, TAFE or employment.

Having become an Independent Public School in 2010, Duncraig Senior High School continues to build its reputation as an outstanding school of choice.

The school established the Business Plan 2010-2012 and a new School Board came into operation under the Chair of Mr David Ford who has continued in this role to the present day. The members of the School Board represent many sections of the local and wider community and bring a diverse range of interests and experience.

In 2016, Duncraig underwent an Independent Review conducted by the Department of Educational Services (DES). The review involved two DES reviewers spending two days in the school talking to staff, students, parents and School Board representatives. The DES reviewers also analysed evidence and performance data and the following areas were commended in the final review;

  • The steady overall improvement in NAPLAN performance since 2012, and in particular, outstanding achievement in numeracy
  • The sustained improvement in student performance in ATAR and VET programs and meeting the target to be a high performing school in Year 12

Duncraig Senior High School selects all teachers on merit, resulting in a highly qualified and experienced staff who are committed to providing an excellent standard of care and learning for the students. In addition to the Principal, three Associate Principals and Manager of Corporate Services, there are two Student Services Coordinators – a Senior School Coordinator and a Lower School Coordinator. There are eight Heads of Learning Areas responsible for the management of the various curriculum areas in the school. In the Vocational Education and Training (VET) area there is a full time VET Coordinator and a Workplace Learning Coordinator.

Pastoral care is an ongoing school priority and an extensive Student Services Team exists to promote and monitor student welfare. This team consists of Administration, Lower and Senior School Coordinators, Year Coordinators (one for each year), Gifted &Talented Coordinator, School Based Academic Extension Coordinator, Nurse, Psychologist, VET Coordinator, Chaplain, Students at Educational Risk (SAER) Coordinator, Literacy Coordinator and Learning Support Coordinator.

School Vision

Duncraig Senior High School provides a caring, engaging and supportive learning community, which fosters a culture of excellence to produce resilient, life-long learners in a rapidly changing world.

The School Motto ‘CARE–ENGAGE–EXCEL’ is recognised by the community and used as common language in school signage and publications.

School Values

We believe:

  • POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS are the key to success.
  • in INDIVIDUAL OWNERSHIP of learning.
  • in striving for PERSONAL BEST. 

School Purpose

Our School Wide Pedagogy gives the school its distinctive purpose, which differentiates our objectives for all students from those of other schools.

Objective 1: Students develop respect for all members of the community.

Objective 2: Each student achieves his/her personal goals and enjoys learning. Success is celebrated.

Objective 3: Students and staff develop the skills to work as effective team members. Knowledge and skills are shared to improve learning.

Objective 4: Students are fully engaged in their education and are prepared for further education, training or employment. Objective 5: Students see relevance in learning and value it as an integral part of their development.

School-wide Pedagogy

Teaching and Learning within the school is based upon the following five (5) principles;

Respect: We value and care for all members of the community. Mutual and self-respect provide a secure environment that enhances learning.

Achievement: Successful people maximise their potential to achieve personal goals and enjoy the learning process. We strive for our personal best and celebrate success.

Collaboration: Working together provides the opportunity to share ideas and experiences and to benefit from the input of others. We learn together and from one another.

Engagement: Engaged people are motivated to extend their horizons, take individual ownership of learning and seek excellence. They are likely to be more creative, enthusiastic, persistent and inclined to take risks.

Relevance: Learning is enhanced when we connect what we are doing with life experiences. The learning process must also cater for the different ways in which people learn and acknowledge their current stage of development

School Priority Areas

The analysis of data underpins school self-assessment at Duncraig Senior High School. It determines the focus of future planning for improvement.

The School has agreed that Student Achievement and Student Engagement are our focus areas and will be the basis for the specific targets and milestones set in the 2016-2018 Business Plan:

The following have been identified as vital support areas to enable the achievement of the focus areas specified in the 2016-2018 Business Plan:

  • Staff Development
  • Resources & Infrastructure
  • Community Partnerships & Relationships

These support focus areas will each have an annual plan consisting of key milestones that will be reviewed annually by staff, School Board and where appropriate, students, parents and the community via the National Opinion Surveys used by the school.

The three School Priorities of Literacy, ICT and Teaching and Learning that were identified in the previous Business Plan will continue to be priorities for 2016- 2018 and will be reported on annually in the School Report.

Self-Assessment Overview

All teaching staff annually engage in a detailed analysis of class and course SAIS data during a Professional Development Day at the end of Semester 1. During this sole purpose day, teachers collaborate within their Learning Areas to review lower school and senior school courses using comparative school and State data. Heads of Learning Area subsequently produce Course Reports for all of the courses delivered within their Learning Area. These reports highlight what has worked well within courses in Semester 1 and what areas require attention during Semester 2.

This process is repeated at the end of Semester 2 and the information from the Course Reports inform the targets and goals set within each annual Learning Area Report and Plan, which the Heads of Learning Area present to the Senior Executive at the start of the next academic year. The Learning Area Reports and Plans are highly specific outlining the targets for the following year for each Learning area. They are directly linked to the Targets and Milestones of the School Business Plan for the three year period.

Every year all staff (teaching and non-teaching) participate in a review of the Business Plan as do the Senior Leadership Team and the Senior Executive Team. These reviews are summarised in the ‘reflection’ record for each of the three years in the Business Plan.

Glossary of Terms

ATAR Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank RACER Respect, Achievement, Collaboration, Engagement, Relevance BYOD Bring Your Own Device SBAE School Based Academic Extension Program CMS Classroom Management Strategies SPICE Secondary Teachers Enrichment Program - Science G&T Gifted & Talented Academic Program SAER Students at Educational Risk HOLA Head of Learning Area TES Tertiary Entrance Score IEP Individual Education Plan VLE Virtual Learning Environment NAPLAN National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy WACE Western Australian Certificate of Education ECU Edith Cowan University UWA University of Western Australia VET Vocational Education and Training DSESC Duncraig Secondary Education Support Centre OLNA Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment DES Department of Educational Services AIC@D Advanced Instructional Course @ Duncraig SAIS Schools Achievement Information System

Rating System: The following ratings are used for each target, following each year of the Business Plan 2016- 2018

  1. This is unsatisfactory achievement on a particular target. It remains a matter to be addressed or is considered as no longer a relevant target for the School.
  2. The School is working towards achievement of this target
  3. The School has achieved the target
  4. The School has achieved this target and is considered to be operating at a highly commendable level in this area

Student Achievement Targets:

TARGET 1: 55% of Year 7 – 10 students will achieve A and B Learning Area grades

TARGET 2: The school will maintain a benchmark of 30% of Year 7 & 9 students performing in the top 20% of Australian students in NAPLAN each year.

TARGET 3: 95% of Year 12 students will meet OLNA requirements.

TARGET 4: The school’s median ATAR trend line over a 5-year period will be a positive one.

TARGET 5: The Gifted and Talented cohort median ATAR trend line over a 5-year period will be a positive one.

TARGET 6: The school’s percentage of ATAR students with 1 or more scaled scores of 75+ trend line over a 5-year period will be a positive one.

TARGET 7: Students studying General courses in Senior School receive comparable A and B grade distributions to Like Schools.

TARGET 8: 95% of VET students will achieve a Certificate II or higher each year.

TARGET 9: The school will maintain an attainment rate greater than 90%.

Student Engagemet Targets & Milestones:

MILESTONE 1: To embed an inclusive, supportive school culture that fosters students’ wellbeing enabling students to demonstrate respect and resilience.

MILESTONE 2: To embed into the school culture the opportunities for students participating in specialist programs to engage in enrichment activities.

TARGET 1: All year groups will achieve an attendance rate that is 5% higher than the state average as recorded in Schools Online.