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It is a legal requirement for accurate attendance recording by schools. In cases of legal inquiry, it is the teacher who has to respond as to whether or not a child was present in his/her class at a given time. Parents are required to provide an explanation of their child’s absence to the school within three days of the absence and this is recorded and/or followed up by the school.

Student/Parent Responsibility

  • Students are expected to attend on all school days.

COVID-19 Only Absences

All other absences

  • Absentee Hotline6241 5456 if out of hours please leave a message or
  • 6241 5456 (from 8.00am to speak to School Attendance Officer), or
  • Written note
  • In person at the School Administration Office


  • The school should be notified in advance of planned absences (for example a holiday or an appointment) by any of the above methods.
  • All notes should be taken to the Attendance Officer in Student Services, so the information can be entered.
  • If your child is marked absent an SMS text message will be sent to your mobile phone by 10.45am and again at 4.00pm. A non-attendance email will be also sent home at 4.00pm. Please contact the school to verify or query your child’s absence. If you believe your child should be present, a check will be made and you will be informed of the outcome. If your child is absent, the reason will be entered onto the system. To avoid receiving the SMS, please contact the school if your child is absent.
  • If a parent is unable to contact the school in advance or respond to the SMS / email, he/she should provide a written note for the student to be handed into the Student Services immediately upon return to school. Any students who regularly arrive late or truant will be required to complete detentions. Good Conduct and Good Standing will be affected by lateness and truancy.

Students who arrive late to school

  • When a student arrives at school between 8.40am and 8.50am, they are to report to their timetabled class as quickly as possible. The classroom teacher will record a Late Arrival on SEQTA.
  • When a student arrives after 8.50am, he/she must report to Student Services to sign in. Students should bring a note to explain why they are late.
  • Students without a valid reason will receive detention.

Students who need to leave school early

  • Students must not leave school grounds without signing out. If your child needs to leave school early, please notify the school via the options outlined above.
  • When it is time to leave, the student must go to the Attendance Office to ‘sign out’ and collect a DOE leave pass.
  • Failure to follow correct procedure may result in consequences for the child.